Rick-Pickens-photoWhile many may know the way, a leader shows the way.

Have you ever been asked for traveling directions by a stranger at the gas station or convenience store? You know the way, and you make effort to accurately explain the turns, and landmarks, and road names. After you have given about eight steps, you can see their eyes glazing over. You lost them somewhere after the third turn. “I’ve got an idea!” you proclaim, “Follow me.”

Don’t think of this site as a GPS navigation device for your journey as a kids minister or presenter. It’s more of a reminder to be that person who says, “follow me – I’ve traveled that road, and I will take time to show you the way.”

For over 30 years, Rick has trained elementary age kids through live presentations using storytelling, multimedia, and theatrical arts. Rick is a pastor, and the majority of his presentations have been for ‘Kid Min’, but have also included working with school assembly bureaus, traveling the fair and festival circuit, and being hired for corporate organized events.

Never alone, but always in partnership with his lovely and gregarious wife, Jolene, the entire Pickens family have been involved in this lifelong adventure. They have three daughters – the oldest, Morghan, and husband, Ben (who were both ‘kids’ that Rick and Jolene led as kid min pastors), are now thriving in their own great adventure. Their youngest, Madeline, is studying theater at Regent University, creating characters of her own. And Molly, their third daughter is living at home and keeping her many friends regularly hugged.

In addition to writing, presenting, and training, Rick is busy creating animated versions of his stories. Rick and Jolene work together “showing the way” to those travelers looking for a fun-filled, joy-full journey through life.

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